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Carole Jahme is a journalist, author, broadcaster, performer, film and programme maker who manages to synthesise Darwinian Theory in almost all of her creative ventures.

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Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The untold story

15th September 2010 -Channel 4

Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story

Fan Mail

Dear Carole


I am writing because I just watched the documentary "Michael Jackson and Bubbles: The Untold Story" and I enjoyed your contribution immensely. I had not heard of you before so I Googled you and found your Guardian "Agony Aunt" type column.


I was particularly interested when you said, "his feelings may have been so hurt that he may have thought to himself, 'You want bad? I'll be bad. I'll be bad for you if you want, I'll be a weirdo. You want weird?". I wondered if you have heard a song called "Is It Scary?" in which Michael sings "I am gonna be exactly what you wanna see. It's you who's taunting me because you're wanting me to be the stranger in the night. Am I amusing you, or just confusing you, am I the beast you visualise? And if you wanna see eccentric oddities, I'll be grotesque before your eyes.....". If you've heard it I congratulate you for picking up on what is perhaps his most honest lyric. If you haven't heard it then I must say I'm astounded by your powers of perception on this subject. It's a song routinely ignored by critics and analysts alike, from an album which contains Jackson's most personal and brutally honest work. I was just thrilled that someone in the public eye had picked up on this and your comments had been featured in a widely viewed documentary.


Keep up the good work and now that I'm aware of you I'll look out for your work in the Guardian and elsewhere.


All the best


From a Michael Jackson fan and someone who enjoys documentaries about primates!